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Louie, draw me a Hippopotamus

Do you want to learn how to draw a hippopotamus?

To draw a hippopotamus you start with a large squished circle for the muzzle, two small circles for the nostrils and two squares for her teeth. Next draw her round head with two hippopotamus ears and two little eyes. Now draw a horizontal line for her back, her back legs with two rectangles and a small curve for her tummy. Add her front legs, toes to each leg and her knees.  Join the body to the head with a curved line. Don't forget her tail.

Now color her in with any color you like!

Louie creates Mrs. Hippopotamus and she likes to be called Marrianne. Marianne explains to Louie and Yoko that she may be heavy and clumsy on land but a graceful dancer in the water. Marianne wants to dance but needs a partner. Louie creates another Hippopotamus named Anthony. Together Marianne and Anthony perform a beautiful water dance.

If you'd like to draw a hippopotamus, have ago! said Louie

See you soon my friends

Bye friends!

Bye Louie, Bye Yoko!



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