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Louie, draw me a Parrot

Do you want to learn how to draw a parrot?
To draw a parrot first of all you draw a semi circle for the hook. Then you finish the beak by adding a smaller semi circle. And then you draw a eyes: two little circles, with a little eye on the inside. The you draw de forehead with four little points on top.
And you come down to draw the head and the back of your parrot then you're drawing back up to the beak with a loop and don't forget to draw up two wings and two feet then three feathers on the back.
And now you can color him in how ever you like!
Hello my name is Claudia. Is that you Pedro the Parrot?
Yeah, you're right I'm Pedro and you look absolutely great Claudia, said Pedro the parrot.
If you'¡d like to draw a parrot, have a go! said Louie
See you soon my friends
Bye friends!
Bye Louie, Bye Yoko!

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