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Louie draw me a Crane

Let's draw a crane and build things with Louie.
To draw a crane, you start with drawing a rectangle for the plateform and the another big vertical rectangle for the tower with a triangle at the top. After that, you draw a long horizontal rectangle which is a little thinner at the end. On the triangle other side you add a smaller rectangle with a big square to balance the crane. on the other side you plot a long vertical line with a grapple at the end. Afterward, you add a rounded rectangle with a little rectangle inside. That's the operatist cabin! Then you add a lien from the top of the crane to the top and then to the other side, and you draw some little triangle inside the tower.
And now, you can color the crane in how ever you like!
If you want to draw a crane, have a go!
See you soon my friends!
See you soon Louie, see you soon Yoko!


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