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Louie, draw me a Giraffe

Do you want to learn how to draw a giraffe?

To draw a giraffe you start with the head by drawing a rounded line for the forehead, then you come down to draw the muzzle and you come back up. You draw the first ear, one little horn with a rounded end, a second horn and then a second ear.
Don't forget to add her nose, her mouth and her two eyes.
And then you draw the girafffe's body. You start from the top of the head and you come down, then you draw a horizontal line for her back, you add a tail with some little tuft on the end. Finally you draw her legs, long and thin, her neck and next some little hooves.
Afterwards you can color her in how ever you like!
And don't forget to add the spots on her body.
Hello my friend, my name is Janette! said the giraffe.
Hello Janette! said the kids
My name is Louie! and Yoko and we are looking for a campsite, said Louie
Two tents next to a little pot, is that it?, said the giraffe
Yes! Said Yoko and Louie
Ok jump on my back with my long neck! said the giraffe.
And now if you'd like to draw a big giraffe, have a go!
If you'd like to draw a parrot, have ago! said Louie
See you soon my friends
Bye friends!
Bye Louie, Bye Yoko!


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