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Louie Draw me a Pig

Do you want to learn how-to draw a pig?
To draw a pig, you start with its snout like a squash tot.
Don't forget his two nostrils so he can smell the truffles.
Then you continue your line outwards. You draw one ear then a line for the top of his head and a second ear and finally a line back to the snout.
and then you draw his mouth and his eyes!
Now all you have to do is draw his body. You draw his back, then you come down to draw his feet with two big toes on each. Then your draw his tummy and his two other feet.
And don't forget, to make him look like a real pig you need to draw his curly wurly tail!
And afterwards, you can color him in!
How ever you like!
Hello my dear friends, my name is Charles, said the pig.
Would like to help us find some truffles? said Louie
Of course, with pleasure, said the pig.
And there is the first truffle, said the pig.
And now friends if you want to draw a pig have a go
See you my friends
See you soon Louie, see you soon Yoko!


Rabbit pig

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