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Louie, draw me a Scarecrow

Do you want to know how to draw a scarecrow?
To draw a scarecrow, you start by drawing his hat.
As semi circle with an oval.
and then you draw a rectangle for one of the coat sleeve, then underneath a large rectangle.
That's the body of the coat. You add another rectangle for the other sleeve.
Then draw a line down to the middle with two buttons.
The buttons are round.
You draw a little rectangle at the end of each sleeve for the arms, and another rectangle under the scarecrow for his leg.
An don't forget to add a triangle for the coat collar.
And then you draw the hands by drawing some little lines
And finally you can color him in as you like.
Louie this scarecrow is beautiful, said Yoko
Very nice, said Louie.
Well done!
Oh no! it's so beautiful it doesn't scare the birds of! said Yoko.
It doesn't matter!  And now friend if you want to draw a scarecrow, have a go! said Louie
Bye friends!
Bye Louie, Bye Yoko!


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