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Louie, draw me a Tow Truck

Do you want to learn how-to draw a Tow Truck?
To draw a tow truck, first of all you draw two big circles with two little circles inside.
There're the wheels!
An then you draw a long rectangle for the platform. In front a rounded triangle for the driver's cabin.
You had a triangle with one rounded side, for the window.
Then the headlights and the bumper in the shape of a square.
And a semi circle on the roof for the flashing light.
And then you draw a long rectangle with thread and a hook on the end.
That's the arm of the tow truck.
And now you can color it in how ever you like!
If you'd like to draw a tow truck have a go!
See you soon my friends!
See you soon Louie, See you soon Yoko, See you soon Sophie


Rabbit truck

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