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Louie, draw me a Wolf

Do you feel like drawing a wolf today?
To draw a wolf you start with the head. You draw an ear in a shape of a point and you repeat it once. Then you draw three points on each side for his fur, then you draw a triangle for his muzzle and a circle for the snout. Tehn you plot the mouth by drawing a line and then two small line for his eyes. Afterward, you draw a large horizontal line for his back which comes back down to draw his tail. You draw his back legs, a line for his tummy and then his front legs, and then you come back up to join the head. And don't forget the claws at the end of his feet.
And now you can color the wolf in how ever you like.
If you want to draw a wolf, have a go! 
See you soon my friends!
See you soon Louie, see you soon Yoko!



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