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Drawing Hair With Braids

Thanks to this video, you will be able to draw beautiful braids for all you characters.

Steps to draw plaits.

  1. Start by printing the pattern of the head below which will help you with your drawing.
  2. Draw a dot on the fronthead and another one above the head.
  3. From the dot of the fronthead, draw a curve with peaks on it (they'll represent some locks) to the ear. Do the same thing on the other side.
  4. From the dot above the head, draw two lines that will link up with the end of the first two lines.
  5. Now, you have to draw three small ovals in front of each ears. This will be the beginning of the braids.
  6. We are now going to draw the braids. To do so, start below the ovals. You are going to draw small curves going down and alternately right and left. Watch the video carefuly to make sure you understand how it's done.
  7. Then, draw again two small ovals at the end of each braid. These are the hair ties.
  8. You're almost done, but now at the end of each of these hair ties, draw two curves that join themselves. These are the locks left when you tie your hair.
  9. From the middle of the fronthead, draw some zigzags to make the parting.
  10. To give some more shine to the hair, draw some more long zigzags on each sides of the parting.

This drawing isn't the easiest, but if you watch the video carefully, and if you train yourself properly, you should be able to draw American Indians littles girls, Wendy from the Disney movie Peter Pan and many more characters!



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