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Draw a Rabbit

With this new drawing lesson, you 'll be able to create a lovely rabbit in just a few steps.

Steps to draw a rabbit:

The pencil sketches will allow you to create the basic shapes of your rabbit. You will see it is very simple!

  1. Draw an oval circle (egg shaped) to represent the body of the rabbit.
  2. Inside it, on the right side, draw a completely new round circle that serves as a basis for drawing the thigh of your rabbit.
  3. Draw a new circle on top of the upper left of the large oval or body to create the head of the rabbit.
  4. Under the thigh of the rabbit, draw an oval circle to place his paw.
  5. Then, draw a small circle on the right side of his body to make it a cute tail.
  6. Draw two circular ovals on his head to represent his ears.
  7. Under his chest on the left side, draw 3 vertical lines to make his front paws.
  8. Two small circles will be needed at the base of the legs to complete the legs .

By clicking on the provided teplate you are given the important features of the rabbit to help you follow the steps in the video.

You can then add the eyes, inside of the ears and the pads of your cute bunny !

Congratulations! You made ​​a beautiful drawing of rabbit!



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