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Stipple Shading technique

This drawing lesson will teach you the art of very specific pattern of dots. Also called the "DOT"(the word dot in English means "dot"). 
This is a technical way as any to introduce shadows on an object that you drew. In this video, the artist HAS chosen to apply it to a bottle, but you can do it on any object.

Step One: Draw a bottle

  1. Take a compass and draw a quarter circle. This will Be the bottom of your bottle.
  2. Then take a ruler and a square. Approximately met ruler 45 ° angle and just position your stop on the ruler.
  3. Trace the building lines of the bottle keeping the ruler in the same way.
  4. Provides some details to your drawing using building lines.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the your level of detail, the major traits returns with a black fineliner.

Step Two: Points

  1. Now we need you apply shadows to your design. Imagine placing a scource of light and where it will cast shadows.
  2. This step is important. You can start by tracing the shadows with a pencil (it will then erase)
  3. Take your felt and track end item by item by tapping your point more tight Will be over the marked shadow. Discarding more items, you create a sort of gradient.
  4. HOWEVER, Try to put dots everywhere on your drawing.
  5. You'll see that this is quite technically laborious and the rendering is fascinating because there is a lot of details.

Tip: Take plenty of time to plot each issue. If you go too fast the result will be less attractive.

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