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Drawing Textured Wood

In this lesson , you'll see how to properly use your crayons to draw wood.

How to make a wood texture:

Prepare your materials:

  • 4 brown crayons in different shades.

  • 1 colored pencil White

  • Thick paper (blotting type ) to smooth the appearance of your drawing

  • An eraser ( with marked edges )


  1. Take your piece of thick paper, and color by pressing hard enough on the pencil (light brown). The idea is to put the "matter" on the paper to gently apply friction.
  2. Return the piece of paper and rub it on your sheet in circles. The color is applied lightly on your sheet.
  3. Once the color is visible, take your eraser and erase the edges: It is at this stage that you will give shape to your piece of wood.
  4. Now takes the darkest brown pencil and draws the contours of your piece of wood. Trace the wood grain to give it life.
  5. Trace outside contures to make them a little thicker.
  6. Take an orange brown and just highlight the wood grain.
  7. Similarly, use the white pencil skirt features dark shading, always give depth.
  8. Then take the brown pencil that you used at the beginning and just draw another plot adjacent to orange path. Do not cover completely.
  9. Get dark pencil with which you drew the contours of your piece of wood. Now you can strengthen your drawing with darker areas.
  10. It is also at this time that you 'll be able to accentuate the shadows on the piece of wood.

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