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Learn to Draw Zarina the Pirate Fairy

Learn to draw Zarina, the guardian of dust fairy who fled from the valley to join a band of pirates. You've probably seen in the Disney movie Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy

How To Draw Zarina the Pirate Fairy:


Zarina's face 

  1. First you draw a circle, the eye line and the center line.
  2. Then we go to the bottom of the face and ears.
  3. We closed the face with a thin chin.
  4. Ears point upwards.
  5. Her neck is fine resting on her shoulders. 

The Look 

  1. The eyes are softer on the eye line.
  2. We draw the iris and the pupil. Finally we add eyelashes.
  3. Eyebrows are in an arc above her eyes.

Nose & Mouth

  1. The nose should be slightly below the line of the eyes.
  2. The mouth should be between the bottom of the nose and chin.
  3. The upper lip is thinner and a thicker lower lip. 

Zarina's hairstyle 

  1. Zarina wears a headband over the forehead.
  2. We begin to draw hair decending slightly.
  3. Locks frame her face beautifully.
  4. Part of her hair falls on her front shoulders.
  5. Her hair slightly wavy and has nice volume.
  6. Finally, the earring and the mole that is on his left cheek. 

Working lines are erased, and now you have successfully sketched the Fairy Zarina!

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