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Drawing Hair: The short bob

In this video, you will learn how to draw a nice short bob for your characters!

Steps to draw a short bob

  1. First of all, print the pattern template of a head below.
  2. This is going to be the basis of your drawing.
  3. Then, draw a small dot above each ear and another one, centered above the head.
  4. Link up the dots above the ears. Your line must be bent.
  5. Then, draw two other arcs from your first line to the chin.
  6. From the dot above the head, draw two lines which will go around the face on both sides.
  7. Link up those last lines to the lines of step 4.
  8. Two lines under those will put into relief the hair.
  9. To give some smoothness to the hair, scratch it on the fringe and on the sides, as in the video.

There you are, now you can draw nice short bobs!



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