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Draw a facial expression: Annoyed

This drawing lesson will show you how to make a character look indifferent. An indifferent face is a face that expresses no feeling, or shows no interest in his surroundings. It is a neutral face.

Steps to draw a facial expression of indifference.

  1. Begins by printing the characters head outlined in blue. Click on the icon template below. This will serve as a basis for drawing expressive facial features.
  2. Draw a small black circle in each eye. It represents the pupil of the eye. You are not obliged to draw the pupils in the middle of each eye, but do be careful that both eyes look in the same direction.
  3. Then draws the eye of the character. They must be both horizontal and cover the upper part of each eye, but not the iris. 
  4. Then, draw the eyebrows by drawing each a small arc of a circle, like a comma in reverse. Place them high on the forehead, above each eye.
  5. Lastly, draw the mouth. Be careful not to make too big for expression of indifference, the mouth should be really small and a shaped arc whose ends are slightly downward.
  6. You can now delete the upper part of each eye, which is supposed to be hidden by the eyelid.

An indifferent facial expression is not so easy to draw because it should not have too many exaggerated traits. The character must not look too sad or too happy. You can practice this facial expression to master this technique.

Congratulations! You managed to make an indifference facial expression drawing in minutes!

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