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Draw letter A in graffiti style

This lesson will show you how to create your own graffiti letter. Here our designer chose to draw the letter "A". Typical of one you would find written in some "tags". Also called a "graf" ( abbreviation of graffiti) .

Steps to draw a letter TAG:

  1. The basis of your work will, of course, will be from the letter that you would like to achieve.
  2. You must then double features to give depth to your drawing.
  3. Then you reinforce the contours of the letter by pressing a little more harder on your pencil.
  4. Add outside corners to certain ends of the letter.
  5. You can also add elements of thickening in some places. Be careful not to put too much because your tag could become completely unreadable .
  6. You can also bring zing to your creation by adding small geometric shapes around the letter in the extension of certain accents (here, a small rectangle to the left of the horizontal bar of the letter A)
  7. Finally, outline with a fine tip marker adding shadows. Be surethe shadows are on the same side.

Decorate you letter with bright colors!

Have fun!

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