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Draw a Snake starting from letter M

This drawing lesson will show you how to make a snake being based on the letter "M". You see, it is very simple and the result is super.

Steps to draw a snake:

  1. Draw a cursive letter "m" in lowercase.
  2. Trace a second "m" upside down just below the rightside up cursive "m".
  3. Ends this second letter by joining the first with the ends forming the tail of the snake.
  4. Draw small circles where two letters come together to make the bells of the tail of the snake.
  5. Add the letter "q" before the first "m" to represent the head of your snake. 
  6. Connects this new letter with the origin of the letter "m".
  7. Inside the letter "q", you'll now be able to add a circle to represent the eyes of the snake.
  8. Starting from the base of his head, add a tongue in the form of "y" (upside down ).

Feel free to add small details as did our designer, adding splashes of color and folds throughout the snake's body .

Congratulations! You made ​​a very nice snake drawing in minutes!



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