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Drawing Hair: The fringe

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to draw hair fringe.

Steps to draw a nice fringe.

  1. First, print the pattern of the head by clicking on the button bellow.
  2. Draw a dot above each ears and link them up by drawing an arc.
  3. Leave some notches in this line to draw some peaks. This will give some fluidity to the hair.
  4. Draw two small arcs from both ends of your line to the top.
  5. Draw a small dot above the head, and then two lines which will follow the shape of the face.
  6. End these lines with a small curl and join the neck.
  7. To give more shine to the hair, draw some scratches where the fringe is and at the bottom of the hair.

You are now ready to draw hair fringe yourself. After reading the steps and watching the video your fringes will be awesome.



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