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Drawing Hair: Ponytails

This video will teach you how to draw nice ponytails.

Steps to draw bunches

  1. First, print the pattern of the head template which will help you draw the bunches.
  2. Then, draw two dots, one above the head and the other one on the fronthead.
  3. From the dot on the fronthead to the ears, draw the fringe by zigzagging.
  4. Link up the dot above the head to the end of the fringe following the link of the head.
  5. Above the ears, draw two small arcs.
  6. To draw the ponytails, draw an arc from the ears down. Then, two other arcs from their end toward the neck. Finally, to others from the end of the last arcs to the ears.
  7. Watch the video carefully, it will help. In it they first draw a draft that they rub out later. By doing so, you will be able to draw hollows in the arcs at the bottom, to represent hair better.
  8. After that, draw some zigzags where the parting is. To give some shine to the hair, scratch it on the left and right of this parting and in the ponytail.

You are now able to draw ponytails! Watch the video and you should better understand how it's done.



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