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Scared Facial Expression

This drawing lesson will show you how to make make a worried or scared facial expression.

Steps to draw a worried/scared face:

  1. Begin by printing the face template outlined in blue. Click the icon print template below. This will serve as the basic template for drawing expressive facial features.
  2. Draw a small black circle in each eye. This is the pupil of the eye. Draw the two pupils looking in the same direction giving the impression that the character is looking to see what is happening around him.
  3. Then draw the eyelids. They should not cover the eyelid but be just above and slightly drooping enhancing the worried/scared expression.
  4. Draw two tiny fine lines just above the eyes for eyebrows.
  5. Then trace the mouth with a slightly twisted curve with the ends directed downwards.
  6. Finally, draw a small drop of sweat on the forehead of your character, this is what will strengthen the worried/scared look of the face.

In this drawing, it is not necessary that the eyelids cover the eyes because the character needs to look concerned. He must keep his eyelids open in order to properly monitor what is happening next to him!

Fantastic! You have drawn a very realistic worried/scared face!

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