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Draw a Rosette

A rose is a geometric design in flower shape. Draw a rose is pretty simple when you have understood the technique. What is interesting with rosettes, is that the possibilities are endless, both in terms of colorand patterns. Another advantage is that you do not need to be good at drawing to be successful drawing your rose. You must understand the method and then it is very simple. You will need a compass and colored pencils .

We'll show you the easiest technique.

Draw a rose step by step

  1. Trace a complete circle with your compass.

  2. Without changing the distance between the two feet of your compass, put the point of the compass on the plot outline (anywhere but on the line).

  3. Trace an arc that intersects the main circle (no need to draw beyond the circle ): If you 've done well, your line must pass through the center of the first circle.

  4. Place the toe of the compass on one of the two intersections that you just created.
  5. Trace a new arc and so on.
  6. You'll be finished when you come full circle: The last arc should join the first.
  7. You can if you wish, draw a little extra circle in the center of the rosette so it really looks like a flower .
  8. There you just have to color the petals of your flower.

Steps to follow for the rose technique the designer uses:

  1. Make a first rosette as explained above.
  2. Just place the tip of the compass at the center of the first rose and then draw a second circle bigger.
  3. Then follow the same steps as the first rose.
  4. As your two circles have the same center , the arcs are you going to draw all go through the same central point.


  • Be sure your compass is quite tight because the success of your design depends primarily on the accuracy of the compass.
  • With a circle, you can do more complex rosettes: You must repeat steps tracing arcs but changing the starting point .
  • Do not make circles too small it will be difficult to color the rose at the end.
  • At the end, you can trace by hand the form of the rose. This will break the very geometric effect involved in using the compass.



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