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How To Draw Tinkerbell

Learn to draw the face of Tinkerbell. Who better than Ritsuko Notani from Disney Studios to show us. Ritsuko Notani is resposible for drawing Tinkerbell. 

How to Draw Tinkerbell:

  1. First, draw a circle, eye line and the center line.
  2. Then we go to the bottom of the face and ears.
  3. There is a curve to create her plump cheeks.
  4. A line is completed on the other side.
  5. Her ears are pointing up.
  6. Her neck is very, very thin, and her shoulders are small. 

Facial details 

  1. Then, we move to the eyes and eyebrows.
  2. Eyes are saucer-shaped. Be careful to place them on the eye line.
  3. And now the iris and the pupil. The feature is enhanced for eyelashes.
  4. The eyebrows are arched over eyes.
  5. Now, nose and mouth. The nose should be slightly below the line of the eyes.
  6. The mouth should be midway between the bottom of the nose and chin.
  7. The upper lip is thinner, and the bottom is thicker. 


  1. Now the hair. Her bangs slightly to the side.
  2. Above her head is more angular and curved, up to the neck.
  3. Finally, her hair is back to the top of the head. 

That's it! You made a great drawing of Tinkerbell!

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