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Draw a Facial Expression: Furious

This drawing lesson will show you how to draw an angry facial expression.

Steps to drawing an agnry looking face:

  1. Begin by printing the head outlined in blue. Click on the template icon below. This will serve as a basis for drawing expressive facial features.
  2. Draw a small black circle in each eye. It represents the pupil of the eye. Be careful that both eyes look in the same direction.
  3. Then draw two small vertical lines between the eyes. You'll see later that they will strengthen the expression of angery face. 
  4. Then draw the eye of the character. They must cover a small part of the top of the eye and be highly crimped (that is to say that each forms a diagonal).
  5. Also draw two small curves at the bottom of the eyes, which give the impression that the character is slightly squinting.
  6. You can then draw the mouth. It must form a loop and be bent downward. Put a dent in the top and a small curve in the corner to represent the language. If you want to show that your character is really angry, do not hesitate to give him a sharp tooth, which will give it a menacing appearance .
  7. At the corner of the mouth, add small wrinkles to show that the character is shouting.

You can still add more strength to your drawing by adding around the head, small flashes or even exclamation marks and small storm clouds .

And voila! You managed to draw a character with an angry face! Congratulations !

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