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Draw a Face

This drawing lesson will show you how to draw a characters face.

Steps to drawing a face:

  1. First, start by drawing a circle. If you want to be sure to make a nice circle, you can use a compass. Lightly mark the center of the circle as a benchmark.
  2. Trace dotted line from the left edge of the circle and trace dotted line from the right edge of the circle. See video.
  3. Then trace a dotted line in the center.
  4. Then draw a horizontal line between the other two lines that you have previously drawn. 
  5. Connect two more lines to make a triangle. The horizontal line will be one end of what will look like an inverted triangle.you just do will serve you to draw an inverted triangle. For a face with classic proportions, just do an inverted equilateral triangle.
  6. The "building" part of the face is completed, you will now be able to draw the outline of the head. Returns to the straight portions that constitute the contour of the head. Attention to draw the chin, rounding the tip of your inverted triangle. Otherwise your character might have a chin too sharp !
  7. Then traces the character's neck . Simply draw two vertical lines on the sides of your inverted triangle. 
  8. After that, you can draw the ears, they should be placed just above the angle of the jaw. Put a small arc representing each of the inner ears.
  9. Between the ears, draw a horizontal dotted line is the axis of the character's eyes. It is on this line you are going to draw two circles for the eyes of the character.
  10. Two little black eyes within circles represent the pupils.
  11. On the jaw line, draw a small arc for the nose. It must be at the center of the face.
  12. Under the nose, draw another arc for the mouth.
  13. Finalizing your design by adding the eyebrows and hair. You can even add color to make it even nicer .

It may help to print the pattern for the construction of the face. Also, you can vary the facial expressions of your character. Watch the video tutorials on how to draw facial expressions.

Congratulations! You managed to make a fabulous face drawing in minutes!

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