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Draw A Facial Expression: Fatigue

This drawing lesson will show you how to make a face of a Character look tired. 

Steps to draw a tired face: 

  1. First prints the pattern of the head. This will serve as a basis for drawing expressive facial features.
  2. Draw a small black circle in each eye. It represents the pupil of the eye. You are not obliged to do so in the middle of each eye, but do be careful that both eyes are looking in the same direction.
  3. Then draw the eyelids. They must be drooping and cover the top of each eye, but not the pupil (otherwise your character might look like a zombie). Bring them diagonally down as you go outward from the face.
  4. Then draw the eyebrows using two small curves above the eyes.
  5. Then draw circles just below the eyes. To do this, make a big curve under each eye, as in the video. The more curves there are, the more your character will look tired.
  6. You can then draw the mouth by means of a horizontal oval shape.
  7. Finally, to enhance the expression of fatigue, draw different bubbles next to the head of your character. It is a sign used in the drawing to express fatigue and to represent a bit ill or feverish, as if your character was a little sick.
  8. There you just have to clear the upper parts of the eyes, which are supposed to be hidden by the eyelids. 

Here, we decided to draw a mouth a little open, to give a dog-tired face. But you can try many other forms of mouths to see the result.

Super! You managed to draw a tired face in no time!

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