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The Detective Card

Find the card using an invisible one!

How to do this magic trick

Materials needed

One deck of cards

Preparation for the trick

Find the 4 of hearts and put it back face up with only three other cards under it.

How to do this trick?

  1. Show your deck face up to your public making sure you don't show the 4 of hearts (which is going to be face down).
  2. Ask someone to take a card without showing it to you.
  3. Put some cards of the top of the deck on the table, and ask the person who took to card to place it onto them. Cover them with the rest of the cards.
  4. At this stage, the person's card is under the three cards and the 4 of hearts.
  5. Pretend your taking off an invisible card from the deck, turning it over, and putting it back.
  6. Spread the cards face down and then take back all the cards that are on the 4 of hearts which is now face up.
  7. Now, count the cards behind the 4 of hearts and turn over the fourth one. It's the one card that picked the public !


For this trick, you just need to understand how it works. Watch the video carefuly and try this trick before you show it to your audience.

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