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The Magic Rubber Bands

In this video, the magician succeeds in freeing a piece of paper stuck in some rubber bands. Watch the video and you too can learn how to do that !

How to do this magic trick

Materials needed

  • A piece of paper
  • Two rubber bands

Preparation for the trick

  1. For this trick, we're going to assume that there are 4 levels of rubber bands. The first one which is the nearest from the table and the fourth one which is the farthest.
  2. Under the table, hitch one of the rubber bands between your two index fingers and the other rubber band between your two little fingers.
  3. Get the part of the rubber band at level 1 with your thumbs.
  4. Then, slip your middle finger above the rubber band at level 2.
  5. Watch the video carefuly and you should understand how it's done.

How to do this trick?

  1. After the preparation under the table, ask someone to hang the piece of paper on the rubber band at level 4 and to hold it in place.
  2. Quickly, get your thumbs above the rubber band at level 4.
  3. Then, get your middle fingers above level 3.
  4. After that, get your third fingers above level 2.
  5. Finally, you can take your little fingers off the rubber band and the paper is free !


Watch the video several times so that you can understand better. The magician uses two different rubber bands to make it easier to see what's happening.

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