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Chocolate Prediction Trick

Sometimes the most spectacular trick is the one that reveals something secret. In this trick, the magician does this with the chocolate!

How to do this magic trick

Materials needed: 
A deck of cards 
A cloth or piece of cloth 
Powdered chocolate 
A teaspoon 
A colorless lip stick 
Preparation of the trick: 
Choose a card from the deck (for our example we chose the Ace of Hearts). 
Place it on top of the deck of cards face down. 
Write on your hand, the identity of the card that you have isolated. (in our case "A" for aces and a heart). 
How to make this turn to chocolate powder - 
Show your deck of cards to your audience by scrolling through the cards: we must show them that it is a normal game. 
Take the deck of cards in your hand and cover it with fabric. 
During this operation, returns the set of cards (for the card face up). 
Asks a member of the public to "cut" card game and keep the party caught in the fabric. 
Without showing, return the deck to left of your hand, so as to bring the dark side up. 
Remove the top card and show it to everyone, without looking. 
Replace the card on the stack. 
Put the stack of cards under the fabric, taking care to turn back, face up card. 
Brings together two decks of cards just to do more than one. 
Ask the person to drop the packet. 
Returns the deck (hidden side up), then uncover from the cloth by placing it on the table. 
There you just have to sprinkle a spoonful of chocolate on your hand and rub gently to remove the chocolate. 
The fat will retain only a portion of chocolate, and display the number of the card! 
Make sure you have well written number card on your hand having used enough fat (lip stick), but it is not seen too. 
Be careful to write the number of the card in the correct direction (backwards for you).

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