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The Magic Scissors

A little poetry in this card trick: The magician found the identity card randomly. He reveals a pair of scissors ...

How to do this magic trick

Materials needed: 
  • A Deck of Cards
  • A sheet of paper
  • Scissors
Preparation of card trick:
  • Isolated The 4 of Diamonds card.
  • Place it just below the deck of cards.
  • Lay the deck on the table. 
How to display the 4 of diamonds -  
  1. Watch the deck face down to your audience: you can show some card s from the deck to your audience. The idea is to show them that it is a traditional card game.
  2. Showing the audience the 4 of Diamonds, take the next 5 cards just above the 4 of Diamonds and place to the side. Show the audience the 4 of Diamonds and place it to the side. Take the first 5 cards and place on top of the stack of cards and set aside.
  3. Now, take the paper and fold in 2 four times (as shown in the video).
  4. Cut out a small triangle in the corner of your folder (make no mistake corner)
  5. Unfold the sheet: you just reveal the 4 of diamonds! 
The most important is to take out the cards below the stack without the people realizing that this is not the last card. 

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