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Make a Card Disappear

The most famous magic trick in the world! Make a card disappear in just a second!

How to do this magic trick

Materials needed

One playing card

How to do this magic trick

  1. Hold the card between your thumb, your middle finger and your third finger.
  2. Slide the card behind these fingers to be able to catch it by the sides with your index finger and your little finger
  3. Hold the card and open your hand with your fingers tights.
  4. There you are! The card is now hidden behind your hand.


  • This trick isn't easy, so train yourself and watch the video carefuly before you show it to your audience.
  • Make sure you hold the card tight when you open your hand and that it can't be seen through your fingers.
  • You must be fast enough so that nobody will notice what your doing with the card, so once again, train yourself a lot!

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