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The Cup and sugar cube trick

Here's a great trick as sugar cubes appear where you least expect them ...

How to do this magic trick

Materials needed: 
3 cups or stacking cups (non-transparent) 
4 sugar cubes
Get ready: 
Place 1 sugar in 3 cups. 
Stacks 3 cups by placing in the middle, the one with the hidden sugar. 
3 positioned on the table other sugars. 
How to make the rounds of the cups -
Raise the stack of 3 cups. 
Takes the bottom, and returns it to the first sugar. 
Take the second cup (one that contains sugar) and return it promptly to the second sugar. 
Place the last cup before the last sugar. You can take a little more time to sneak into the cup guide your audience. People will notice subconsciously that the cup is empty. 
Take sugars and then place it on the cup in the middle (that already contains sugar). 
The other 2 cups stacked on top of the first to cover the sugar you just drop. 
Make a little movement "magic" with your hands around the little round cups. 
Raise 3 cups at once to show that there is indeed a sugar below: The public will then imagine that sugar has crossed the cup below. 
Returns the stack of cups 
Delivers them quickly each in their original location. Do be careful when returning the second cup that you can not see it already contains sugar. 
Renews the process several times with the remaining sugars (from step 5) 
And presto, voila! Practice several times before doing this trick in front of your audience. 
Attention to the position of the hands when you handle the cup in which there is the hidden sugar. 
Be very careful not to make noise with the hidden sugar in the cup.

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