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Make Things Disappear

Where are all these things going?

You too can make them all disappear and become a master of magic!

How to do this magic trick

Materials needed

  • An eraser pen or any thin long pen
  • A small item as a die cube

Preparation for the trick

Hold the pen in your right hand and the item in your left hand.

How to do this trick

  1. Turn to the right so that only your profile can be seen.
  2. Form a fist around the item and make large movements with the pen as if you were going to make it disappear.
  3. After a few movements, slip discreetly the pen behind your ear.
  4. Open your fist, the item's still there but the pen's disappeared!
  5. Turn to the left, show your public that it's behind your ear and take it back.
  6. While doing 6., put the item discreetly into your left pocket and turn to the right again.
  7. Tap again your fist with the pen, then open it. The item's gone!
  8. Show your neck to the audience, as if you were going to make something appear from your shirt.
  9. While showing your neck, slip the pen into your right pocket without the public noticing it.
  10. Turn again to be face-on, and the pen is gone too!


  • The trick is in your positioning. Be careful that the public can't see when your putting something behind your ear or in your pocket.
  • You must surprise the audience, make it look where nothing's happening to hide the things discreetly!
  • You may also look surprised when things are disappearing, your show will be funnier!
  • Do not hesitate to watch the videos to see the magician doing his trick.

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