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Shoe Card Trick

How did this ace end up there?
Here's a great trick and you'll never guess where this card is!

How to do this magic trick

Materials needed

  • A deck of cards
  • Extra ace of club
  • A shoe

Preparation for the trick

  1. Put the ace of club under the deck of cards
  2. Put the other ace of club in your shoe and put it back

How to do the "Card in the shoe" trick

  1. Show some cards to your audience
  2. To make the public believe that you're shuffling the cards, slip quickly some cards of the top of the deck into your other hand, start again two to three times.
  3. Show the ace that you hid under the deck, pretending you found it by magic
  4. Put all the card back together and put the deck on the table.
  5. Then, pretend you're going to get the ace at the top of the deck by crushing it.
  6. So, crush the deck with the shoe you put the ace in and show the card at the top of the deck. Start again two to three time. You must seem disappointed as if your trick were not working.
  7. Finally, pretend you have an idea. Take off your shoe, and as if by magic the ace you were looking for is in it.


  • Be careful not to show the public that you're not actually shuffling the cards.
  • It's a trick where you've got to act! For exempling by pretending your trick isn't working properly.

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