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Car racing stop motion

Episode # 5

What happens after the kids leave the toy room? Watch what these cars do!

Film secrets

PAPER STORY episodes are made ​​with the technique of STOP MOTION. This means that the film you see is not made from a video, but only based on pictures. These photos assembled one after the other gives the impression of a real animation. Here are some secrets about this episode:

  • More than 2,500 photos were taken for this episode!
  • There are no digital effects added: everything was done with real objects and paper.
  • The truck that empties the small balls of paper: The pile of paper is much larger than what the truck can actually hold. We just moved the bucket of balls to make believe they fall, but we have not emptied it. Meanwhile we added other balls on the job.
  • The songs that promote car truck and tractor: Actually the song integrates smoothly as the scenerio progresses!
  • The voices of cars: These are cries of monkeys we have copied.
  • The coloring of the car reconstitutes itself: We have this sequence in reverse. We left the car's design, and then we carefully cut into several pieces. We ruled each of the pieces, then we gently rolled into small balls. On assembly, we reverse the order of photos.
  • The tractor crayon car: Very carefully, step by step, we have colored under the tractor and took a lot of pictures.
  • The smoke behind the cars: This is small cotton balls!
  • The wink coloring: We have added several forms successively looking into the headlight of the car.

Tips to make a good film in Stop Motion

  • To give more rhythm to the episode we have often changed terms of scale. We made ​​close-ups, wide in "diving" planes (the movie camera down) and top plans.
  • To get good results, it is best to use a tripod for the camera and make sure you have good lighting.
  • We filmed on a plain white background; thus it has no idea where you are and there is no risk of making poor connections between several plans.

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