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The Skylanders' Character Portal Printer

Episode 7

The Skylanders are featured in this paper story episode. Nobody knows, but if a Skylanders is placed perfectly on its portal, it is able to print his portrait! In general, the portraits are printed in color, but sometimes it happens that some come in black and white ... Fortunately, the Skylanders have developed an incredible coloring technique!

Film secrets

Here are some secrets we can reveal to you when filming this episode:

  • The flame on the bomb: As you see, this is a simple flame design! We have attached to the wick of a bomb with "patafix". Between each photo, we simply move it up the bomb wick.
  • Smoke: When the Skylanders Blast Zone appears (when the bomb explodes), smoke is seen. In reality, it is small pieces of cotton.
  • The voices of Skylanders: When Skylanders speak, most of the time, we used their favorite phrases.
  • The printer portal: As you can imagine, the portal is not really a printer. It is a portal from the game Skylanders Swap Force. We just printed drawings before the shooting and we made them appear, gradually coming out from under the portal like a printer.
  • The gun coloring: This is the character that comes Kaboom coloring drawing Wash Buckler. We filled his cannon with small pieces of colored paper. We then moved very slowly these papers to give the illusion they come out of the barrel. Sometimes, we hold them with our fingers on the bottom of the image to make it appear as if they dropped the gun!
  • Coloring Skylanders: You can find all the drawings that we used in this video on the Hellokids site, under the heading of video game coloring .



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