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The Horse That Changed Color

Episode # 2

A horse walks quietly when caught in a trap by malicious pencils. The pencils are plotting in secret, which make the hands completely crazy, who would like to color the horse coloring page!

Film secrets

In this episode, some sequences were filmed on video (notably sequences with hands that are very expressive). Here are some tips that we used:

  1. Write pen without text is a very simple thing to do: Take a picture every time you paste on a letter.
  2. Smoke horses is made in small cotton balls: just move slightly between pictures for the effect works.
  3. To pretend pencils closed the book on their own, we used nylon thread we hung on the booklet cover. A system of "pivot point" just above the notebook, has allowed us to meet the specifications slightly between each photo.
  4. The pencils are coloring the wrong color: The right hand holds yellow pencil and stays in place, but it's the left hand that comes in blue color. It must color a little bit, then go out the left hand of the field and take the picture. It's very long to realize!
  5. Horses trot: just hold them by the legs and not to show your hand!
  6. The sheet that folds itself: the photos were mounted in reverse order. Actually we started by taking a picture of the well folded leaf, then gradually we folded corners, then the next, then the center ...
  7. Cutting the sheet: We have pasted the back of the coloring on the table, in the center of the horse. We cut all the way around the horse. Next, picture after picture, we drove the outline of the leaf, not the horse.


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