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Wizard and the Knight

Episode 6

A traveling Knight terrorizes a group of chess pawns. A wizard who is passing by intervenes and makes way for events that go well beyond the limits of reality!

Film secrets

Here are some tips that we used in this paper story episode:

  • The Magician: This is a small puppet, generally used in drawing schools. The puppet can be positioned exactly as desired.
  • The beard: It's just cotton, stuck on the puppet. By slightly moving the cotton, gives the impression that the wizard talks.
  • Transforming paper pellets in pieces: The first photo with the wand placed on the pellet. The pellet is removed and replaced by the pin, at exactly the same position and then takes a second picture.
  • The battle of pawns: We added little stars and cotton to simulate smoke and how to make it look a cartoon.


knight magic

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