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Dino Pack

Episode # 3

We found a small dinosaur egg and we wrapped it in a sheet of paper. You'll never guess what happens!

Film secrets

In this episode, there are only pictures and no special effects added to the computer. Here are some filming secrets:

  1. The sheet of paper that moves like a caterpillar: To achieve this effect, you must prepare yourself with patience and use sticky paste (type Patafix). For each image, we have moved a sheet a few centimeterss by bonding the front and rear.
  2. The sheet that folds itself: We built the images in reverse. In fact we took the photos starting with the unfolded sheet and then by bending as you go.
  3. The dinosaurs that will color: Each photo we have a little colored drawing and have moved the dinosaurs a few centimeters at a time.
  4. The flying dinosaur: the Pteranodon dinosaur, is hanging by a nylon thread, that we have moved between each photo.
  5. The disappearance behind the ruler: Between each picture we cut a small slice in the bottom of the coloring page drawing.


Dinosaur story

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