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The Princess Who Dreamed of Being a Fairy

Episode # 4

Princesses have dreams too! Most girls dream of meeting prince charming, but these princesses dream of something slightly different. In this animation story the princess and her friends imagine becoming a fairy. A strange encounter awaits ....

Film secrets

Here are some tips: In this episode video editing software was used

  1. The dream of the princess: What appears in the "bubble" really is the stop-motion. However, we have incorporated the plan into the dream bubble. This transaction was made with a video editing software.
  2. The facial expressions of the little princess in the dream: we used many eyes and mouths that we moved and interchanged to animate the face of the princess.
  3. The twinkling stars: We used several paper stars of different sizes and colors.
  4. The movement of the ears and wings of the little pink guy: We slid some tiny iron in the body of the little pink guy. Thus between each photo, it was possible to change the position of the body parts of the character.
  5. The appearance of the coloring: This sequence is mounted upside down. We started with a first fairy picture in full color and then we cut into progressively thin slices around the edge. Finally we have reversed the order of pictures to give this effect of appearance

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