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The Story of Adam the Armadillo

Lucy has some unusual neighbors. That is because she lives next to the zoo. Every night Lucy climbs down the long neck of Georgina the Giraffe to be told a story by one of the animals. This particular evening lucy is nervous about going on a holiday adventure play day because she is worried the kids will be bigger and older and won't want to play with her. That is when she meets Adam the Armadillo who shares with her a story.

Adam the Armadillo

One afternoon, Adam the Armadillo, met a group of large animals playing football. Adam wanted to join the game but they laughed and said that football is only for big animals. So, Adam sat on the side watching and wishing he could play. When the big animals, Jazz the Jaguar, Leopoldo the Llama, Dudley the Sloth, broke their watermelon football they quickly decided to let Adam the Armadillo play but as the football.  Adam was kicked, tossed around and splashed in water and started to feel bad. They kicked Adam and he rolled into a dark cave. The big animals wanted to continue playing their game but could not play without Adam as their football but they were all afraid of the dark cave and thought their was a monster inside. So, they all decided to go into the cave together. When they got inside they found Adam resting an a rock sneezing. There was some scary monster noises that seemed to scare the big animals whenever Adam sneezed. They wanted to know if Adam was scared. Come to find out Adam was not afraid of the cave and the monster noises they heard were just the echoing sounds when Adam sneezed. hen they all left the cave they let dam play on a team and used another watermelon for their football.

So, whether you are big or small you can be friends and all play together.

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