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The Story of Giggles & Tickles the monkeys

Once upon a time two tricking monkeys got a taste of their own medicine

Giggles and Tickles is a story about how these two monkeys played tricks on all the animals when they lived in the jungle.
One day they wanted to play a trick on Victor the crocodile. The monkeys painted a bit of wood to lead the crocodile to believe he had met a new beautiful girlfriend.
The next victim was Audrey the austrich. Audrey was very proud of her big white eggs, and she spent all day waiting for them to hatch. The monkeys placed a coconut in her nest and led her to believe she had a new hairy egg. Audrey was so proud of her new egg she tried to hatch it but every time she sat down it tickled so much that she had to stand up again. When the two other eggs hatched, she realized the hairy one was only a coconut and she felt very embarrassed.
Each day Giggles and Tickles played bigger tricks on their friends until one day they told Nelson the elephant to wait with them to discover a surprise on the other side of a big rock. Nelson spread the words to Zed the Zebra, who told to Nathalie the Antelope, who told to Isabel the Flamingo, who told to Reginald the Lion... Soon there were a queue of animals all around the rock waiting for the surprise behind the rock. And the surprise was Giggles and Tickles were playing a trick on all the animals.
The animals were tired of their monkey tricks so they thought of a plan.
Harry the hyena started to laugh at Giggles and Tickles without any reason and all the other animals started to laugh at them as well. They explained to them that they had lost their laugh, then the monkeys started to look around for their laugh and nobody was helping them to find it! Suddenly Nelson the elephant tickled them and they finally found their laugh. The other animals explained to them that they played a trick on them... and they all laughed together ever since.
Good night Lucy, sweet dreams!

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