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The Story of Nelson the Elephant

Once upon a time Nelson the elephant

Georgina tells about the time when Nelson was young and developed a jumping hobby which proved annoying and disruptive to the lion, the ostrich, and the antelope.
The story happened a long time ago, when Nelson was still young and lived in Africa.
Nelson the elephant used to start the day with a big yawn and trumpeting followed by a good scratch against the baobab tree, and then breakfast. Nelson the elephant always had baobab leaves for breakfast. He liked the baobab leaves but they were also very small so he had to eat a lot of them to feed his big elephant tummy. But after he ate his breakfast, Nelson could not find anything exciting to do... Nelson thought he was so great at playing the umpa jumpa game but what did the other animals think of it? Nathalie the antelope didn't like Nelson the elephant's umpa jumpa game, Audrey the ostrich didn't like it either and Reginald the lion... well, he got very cross. So Reginald, Audrey and Nathalie went to find out where the noise was coming from.
The other animals were not very happy! So they thought of a plan… In the middle of the night when Nelson was fast asleep, Audrey, Reginald and Nathalie, collected all the twigs they could find. They worked all through the night until the sun rose… The animals had built a trampoline to make Nelson understand they have to find a compromise.
So Reginald made some ladders and the others caught some snakes… and they played snakes and ladders together.
So that's the end! 
The elephant concluded: “I hope you realize that story has been greatly exaggerated, Lucy”.

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