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The story of Kevin the Crocodile

Victor the mean crocodile appears in front of Lucy and the group and tells the story of Kevin the cute little crocodile who wanted to be fierce and naughty.

One day... Kevin the Crocodile

One day I was floating around in the river, having fun, you know bullying butterflies, terrorizing fishes... anyway, like I said, one day I was floating around in the river and then I saw this little crocodile.
"So what should we play today?"
"Hide and seek!"
"Okay, I count to 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! I'm coming ready or not!"
"can't you try it little harder Toby?"
"But I ran as fast as I could!"
"I wonder where Kevin is?"
The little croc was hiding in the river, it was time for me to make my move.
"Eyh pssst! Yes you. What's your name?"
"I'm Kevin, Kevin the crocodile!"
"You call yourself a crocodile! don't make me laugh"
"But I am a crocodile!"
"Listen to me. If you were a crocodile, how can you play with a duck and a tortoise?"
"They are my friends."
"See... and you aren't a real crocodile. Want to learn how to be a real crocodile? Follow me then."
"But what about Doris and Toby?"
"Forget them, you're with me now!"
I taught it was time for Kevin to have some crocodile lessons.
"First of all, real crocodiles are mean and naughty. That starts with the eyes, I show you... Now it's your turn Kevin. Not bad, not bad. Now go and scare a small helpless animal!"
"Like what?"
"Like a duck for example or a tortoise!"
"No but! You want to be a real crocodile, right?"
"Go then!"
"Oh look, Kevin is back!"
"Hi Kevin!"
"Oh I get it, now we're playing funny faces, right! I can do better than that! Your turn Toby."
"Oh, you're supposed to be scared of me."
"But you are a friend, why should we be scared of you?"
"I'm a crocodile silly! That's why!"
"Don't call Toby silly. Eyh where are you going?"
"I'm going to see Victor, he is a real crocodile and my best friend."
"Kevin? Come back, Kevin!"
Kevin still had a lot to learn. I decided to teach him lesson number 2: The green!
"The what?"
"The green. Watch this!"
"Great green crocodile! Go for it!"
"Eyh, wait a minute, this is not funny! I'm a crocodile and I'm mean and naughty!"
"No, you're not, you're cute and funny!"
"And you, you're just a stupid duck!"
"Oh is that so! so just stay Mister Croc-o-dile, let's go Toby.
Kevin wasn't very good at learn but I decided to give him another chance.
"Maybe it's time I teach you some tail splashing. Watch this!"
"Woua! I want to try that too!!
"Remember Kevin, you're mean and naughty."
"I'm a crocodile mean and naughty, mean and naughty, mean and naughty..."
Duck is singing...
"I'm a crocodile mean and naughty, mean and naughty, mean and naughty..."
Duck is singing faster...
"I'm a crocodile mean and naughty, mean and naughty, mean and naughty..."
"Ok! Let's see how you come out this biggest splash! Oh I didn't mean to hurt you Kevin. I'm sorry Kevin."
That's when I realized no more lessons didn't work for Kevin. I would have to show him myself.
"You are not really going to hurt anyone, are you Victor?"
"Oh look, that's Kevin and his big brother. I'm really scared now.
"Hang on a minute speedy..."
"Let Toby Eyh Kevin, help!"
"Now look here, what are you playing at?"
"I think I'm just being more friendly from now on. What do you think?"
"Yeah! Let's play hide and seek! I count to ten!"
"Well, maybe we can let Toby counts because he can't run very fast!"
"One... Two... Three..."
"That's enough Toby, you can come and look for us now."
"And they live happier together ever after!"
"That's a great story and had a happy ending after all." 
"It depends on how you look at it."
"Good night Victor"
"Good night sweat heart"

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