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The Story of Joe the Kangaroo

Lucy feels disappointed because of she has a bad experience at school today. Thereupon, Ribbit the Frog comes to cheer her up and tells the story of Joey the Kangaroo who can not jump...

Once upon a time Joe the kangaroo can't jump

Joe was a little kangaroo who lived in Australia. When he was born, he was so small he couldn't do anything by himself. His mom has to carry him in her pouch wherever she went.
"Goodye Jenny! How is little Joe today?"
"He is fine!"
"My Jimmy's just started to stretch his legs today! Show it to them Jimmy!"
"How they grow so fast, aren't they!"
"Don't tell me about it! It seems like only yesterday I had my first!"
"Stop it Jimmy!"
"Oh look it's Janice with the triplets!"
"Goodye Janice!"
"Hi girls!"
"Hope that these three start jumping by themsleves!"
Then came Spring... Spring is  a very important time for little kangaroos, that's when they live their moms pouches and start to jump.
"Hi Joe, what are you doing? We'll participate in the junior jump and what about you?"
"No, it's too young!"
"I'm not too young, look!..."
"Joe can't jump, Joe can't jump, Joe can't jump"
"Oh Joe there you are! I was looking for you. It's time for your first jumping lesson. Watch your dad!"
Joe's dad was a champion bouncer. No other kangaroo could jump higher than him. Now it's your turn son.
"Oh I can't jump!"
"What do you mean I can't jump?"
"Of course he can jump! Just try Joe!"
"My son can't jump! I don't believe it!"
"Leroy, don't be to hard on the boy. He will jump when is ready, Don't you worry Joe!"
"Oh my! Oh my! It's getting a bit wet down here. The rainy season must be early this year!"
"Hello son, I'm Ribbit, Ribbit the frog! Hey dude little roo! Don't cry,  watch this!"
"I will solve your problems!"
"But I have a big problem that no one can solve!"
"Oh really? Tell Ribbit all about it!"
"I can't jump!"
"You can't jump! A kangaroo that can't jump... impossible! Wait here, these are my jumping boots. They helped me jump when I was little. You can borrow them if you like!"
"It won't work. I will never be able to jump!"
"Go on! Give it a try. And now jump, jump. You can do it Joe, just try!"
"I did it! I jumped!"
"Higher, higher and higher..."
Joe practiced all night and in the morning he bounced right back to his mom and dad.
"Mom, Dad look, I can jump!"
"Oh Joe! Now you can be part of the junior jump!"
Kangaroos came from miles around. all the young roos were there with their moms and dads, grannies, grandads, uncles and aunties. It was the event of the year!
"My son Joe can jump!"
"What are you doing here? You can't jump! Joe can't jump, Joe can't jump, Joe can't jump! Those big boots will smash your tail!"
"Quiiiieeeet! That's better! Goodye everyone, let's give a big welcome to all those young roos who are here for the junior jump! Ok, let's get started! Who's first! Next...Next... Next..."
"I can do better than that!"
"It's our Joe's turn!"
"Wonderful! I've never seen a young roo jump that high!"
"But he wore special boots, that's no fair!"
"You're right, jumping boots are not allowed."
"Don't worry Joe you can jump without the boots!"
"But how?"
"They are only beginner's boots, you don't need them now!"
"I want to jump without my boots. Can I try, please, please."
"Give him a chance, give hm a chance."
"All right!... And the winner of the Junior Jump is Joe!"
"I was sure that you could do it son!"
"That was a great story Ribbit! Goodbye Ribbit!" 
"Sweet dreams Lucy!"


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I think there should be a little film about a giant panda named penny

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