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Two by Two: Ooops... The Ark Has Gone

Ooops! Noah is Gone...

May 01, 2015

85 min

2015 (Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands)

With warnings of a flood sweeping the land, the animals travel to the safety of the Ark. Animals are boarding two by two - Lions, Gorillas, Hippos, Nestrians…. Wait a minute, Nestrians?! Unfortunately for Finny and his dad, the clumsy Nestrians in question, they are not on the list and so are not allowed on! However with a bit of imagination and a spot of luck they manage to sneak on board, but their troubles are only just beginning. No sooner is the Ark underway, Finny and his new friend Leah fall over board. Now the pair must learn to work together and brave the elements in their quest to find higher ground while fighting off hungry predators with the help of some unlikely friends. Meanwhile, on board the Ark their parents must set aside their differences and hatch a plan to turn the Ark around and make it back in time to rescue the kids. Featuring Chris Evans as the voice of Stayput. You and a friend can board the ark in TWO BY TWO on May 1, Hurrah! Hurrah!

Toby Genkel, Sean McCormack

Chris Evans, Alan Stanford, Tara Flynn, Patrick J. FitzSymons

E1 entertainment (uk)

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