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The Jumble Gallery

Lazy Lucy - The Jumble Gallery

In this episode Lazy Lucy collects items from her bedroom to sell at a jumble sale. She explains to her brother the sale will help get rid of the clutter and the money made goes towards a good cause. As she heads to the door with her box of jumble sale items, to walk down several flights of stairs, her mother reminds her to also take the other 4 boxes of jumble sale stuff she wanted to be sold. Lucy realized quickly she would have a lot of walking up and down the stairs to do to get the jumble sale items to the street. So instead Lucy thinks of a lazier way to sell their stuff at the jumble sale. Lucy sets up her unique booth and discovers her lazier way of selling the items does not exactly work out but she ends up selling something entirely different. Watch and see Lucy being busy at being lazy!


Lazy Lucy

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Tuesday March, 10, 2015 at 01:04 AM

So cute! I used to love this show!

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