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Lucy Pitches a Plan

Lazy Lucy - Pitches a Plan

What is Lazy Lucy's excuse today? In this episode Lucy's father takes Lucy and her best friends on a overnight camping trip. When they arrive at the campsite the first thing Lucy's father explain to them is how to pitch your tent. Lucy discovers, as she attempts to put up her tent, that it was not as easy as it looked. Lucy becomes exhausted just thinking about all the parts she will have to put together to get her tent ready to sleep in so, she comes up with a lazier way! Lucy decides not to pitch her tent and has a plan to sleep outside using many of natures natural surroundings. She learns that what she had in mind would not quite work so she again comes up with another idea that turns out not in her favor. After she blows up her tent her friend decide to help her and they put up a tent they can all share. Watch Lazy Lucy come up with a new scheme during her camping adventure.


Lazy Lucy

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