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How to Draw a Dinosaur Egg

So I finished uploading all the lessons on some popular faces from either television, movies or internet. From now on I will be uploading tutorials based on game characters, animals, and animated series figures. Let's get started with learning "how to draw a dinosaur egg", step by step. Now because I have always loved dinosaurs, I wanted my egg to be a bit more personable. That is why I chose to make a sketched version of a dinosaur egg. These reptilian eggs were almost always patterned with spots, specs, or some other type of surface texture. The great thing about drawing a dinosaur egg is how you can choose to add any type of design you want your dinosaur egg to have. The important thing is, you will have fun with this tutorial so get started. I will be back soon folks.....

Step 1

Make the shape of the egg, then move to step two.

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