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Pokemon tut number 4. I got a comment on my Bulbsaur tutorial asking me to do Charmander next, so why not? Okay so Charmander is obviously the fire-type starter pokemon in the Gen 1 games.....

Step 1

Okay, first off, lets draw some guidelines to get the basic shapes down in proportions.

Step 2

Next, draw in the shape of the head, which is slightly longer than the circle guideline. Draw the facial features too, the eyes being along the central line of the circle.

Step 3

Draw in the arms next, using the oval guideline as a basis for the body.

Step 4

After drawing in the arms, sketch out the body and legs, with a slight bulging on the left to indicate a bent knee.

Step 5

The second to last step is to draw the tail and the basic outline of the fiery tip. The fire has an 's' type shape, that bulges and pinches smaller and smaller as it gets towards the tip.

Step 6

The final step is to add smaller flame-y details to the tail.

Step 7

And that's it! One smoking hot, completely adorable Charmander! I hope yo found this tutorial helpful, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Stormy :)

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