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How to Draw Goofy Easy

Well look who we have here, it's a face that has been around for decades. Here is "how to draw Goofy easy", step by step. How can you not love Goofy and his wonderful goofiness? His personality is awesome, and if you get him mad enough he will blow his top. I like how aloof Goofy is because he sort of reminds me of a rebel or hippy at times. Whenever I see him on screen I have to stop and watch what he is going to do next. This lesson will show you how easy it can be when it comes to drawing Goofy. The steps are simple to follow as well as easy to understand. Peace out folks and enjoy.....

Step 1

Make an egg like shape for the snout, then draw the coffee bean like shape for the face or eye area. Add the facial guidelines.

Step 2

Begin shaping out the face like you see here. The snout should be droopy instead of straight across and there should also be layered lines or lines that overlap one another.

Step 3

Here you will frame out the actual eye shapes, then color in the pupils and nose.

Step 4

Next, draw the back part of the mouth which is the cheeks, then draw in the U shaped bottom lip followed by the two bucked teeth, and tongue inside the mouth.

Step 5

Almost done everyone. Draw out and color in Goofy's ears which are long, slender and droopy.

Step 6

Lastly, draw the top of Goofy's head followed by his loose fitting hat. Detail the areas needed, then erase the mistakes.

Step 7

Here is Goofy, hopefully you found this lesson easy and was successful.

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